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Facts on the Lifestyle of the Piqua Shawnee Tribe.

Sometimes you have read about the Piqua Shawnee tribe that existed in the ancient days of America and you wish to get more information concerning their way of life. This article aims at shading more light on the Shawnee tribe that was very much vital in generation of the American Indian.

Even though they originated in Tennessee region that boarders Cumberland River they migrated to various parts of the America stretching both to the northeast and southeast parts of America due to their semi-nomadic life. Due to their nature of moving from one place to another they adopted the lifestyles that were best suited the climate and the natural resources that were in the areas that they inhabited. Despite these there are some cultures that they were sticking to irrespective of the region they moved to, the best example is their socio-political practices that defined the way they were governed by their chiefs. As they were moving to the far northeast and southeast of America they got in contact with the native Indians and thus started practicing the lifestyle of the native Indian cultures before the breakup of the American civil war which made the Shawnee to blend with the Cherokee nation where they identified as Shawnee Cherokee.

Shawnee lived in temporary shelters which were popular with the native Indian tribes which were made from wood and figs; the shelters were known as Wigwams or wetus that were cone-shaped having arched roofs made of wooden frames covered by woven mats and sheets. The shelters were considered major investments for the Shawnee given that they were made out of the buffalo skins that were treasured much in their culture.

The diet of the Shawnee depended on the resources that they found available in the areas they lived. Buffalo meat and other game animals such as squirrel was a major meal of the ones who were inhabiting the Great Plains while those who inhabited the woodland predominantly depended on fish and other small game animals like the squirrels and maize and beans that existed in small amount in the region.

For production and security purposes they used bows and arrows as their main weapon but in some cases they also used spears, club, hatch axes and knives. The sign of authority that was only on the leader was a special spear that represented authority and leadership role

The types of clothes worn by these people were defined by weather whereby in warm climates they wore breechcloths and shirts and leggings on cold climates. They also adopted the cloths that were worn by the white settlers in there amidst.

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