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Safety Tips When Administering Flea Medicine

Selecting the best medications for your pets can be a complicated process. You have to ensure that you check on the labels and verify the uses of the drugs. Purchasing the flea medicine for your cats is not a regular process of buying the standard products. Some factors such as the age, weight and health status of the animals determine the effectiveness of the drug. You should also not forget and use the products meant for dogs for your cats. The following are some of the safety tips you should observe when using the medications.

Find Protective Apparels
During the application process you are exposed to the drugs. Several protective products are in the market that guarantees your safety. You should wear the gloves and the masks to ensure that you do not absorb the products intended for your pets. The packaging materials should be kept at a distance where your kids or pets cannot be able to access them. The animal should be isolated from other pets that you own and your kids should not touch them.

Administer The Right Dosage
During the application process, you should only use the advised dosage. You should not underdose or overdose your pet. It is also not advisable to use more than one product on a single pet. If you opted for the spray, only spray the animal and do not use spot-on.

Check The Animal After Application
You should keep a close eye on your dog or cat after the administration. If your pet is treated for the first time, the chances of side effects increases. Storing the packaging materials will assist you when the animal develops severe reaction. Severe reactions including diarrhea, vomiting, improper coordination, loss of appetite and foaming on the sides of the mouth should be reported to the veterinary.

The Manufactures Should Be Compliant
The Food and Drug Administration is working hand in hand to ensure that all the drugs produced are safe for use. The company that produces the drugs should maintain all the needed procedures to ensure that they come with safe products.The drug should have minimal, or no side effect to the pet after application.

Check on the label of the drug as it contains all the information of using the drug. Ensure that the animal is responding well to the drug. You should let your manufacturer know about any incidence of side effects. Work with the established and reliable firms to reduce the risk of side effects.

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