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Ami Shroyer is a renowned and dedicated song writer, singer and motivational speaker.Amy Shroyer is also a mother of two children and also a widow.Michael did not only work in the church but he was also a motivational speakers like Ami.Ami is also a greater singer who has achieved a lot of awards by singing praise songs some of which are also sang in churches.Ami Shroyer’s career in singing goes way back to when she was a small girl.AmiShroyer grew up having a lot of friends and she always loved Jesus. Ami’s singing has made her to travel to a lot of different places.Many people have been inspired by Ami Shroyer’s singing and speaking.Feelings and emotions of both the singer and the audience can be uplifted through the use of melodies and music.

Ami Shroyer has also traveled in many different countries giving motivational speeches and preaching peace, hope and word of courage at wholeness centers.Even after the demise of her husband, Ami has continued in her journey of uniting people. Ami uses her creativity to be able to connect and unite people and also to be able to meet many ministry leaders.. The 511 Journey to Wholeness is a body healing initiative started by Ami Shroyer.The number five means the five senses of the human body while the number eleven stands for the eleven body systems.

Ami has not only used her singing to help people heal but also to help them stand for themselves. Ami has also written a lot of songs that are aimed in helping people who are going through the grief and loss of their loved ones.There are five stages that are linked to the process of grieving and they are denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance and depression.There are also other ways of healing by using essential oils.Ami has listed some of the essential oils and how one can use them to deal with pressure, stress, depression and any other discomfort.

You can reduce pain by mixing the massage oils with the essential oils.Lavender and lemongrass are mostly used essential oils for numbness and relieving pain.There are also essential oils that will help the brain to block any signals and they are ginger and lemongrass.For the people who have a hard time sleeping, they can use the orange, tangerine and mandarin essential oils as they trigger a good sleep.Low blood pressure can be achieved by the use of essential oils like geranium, orange and tangerine.Bergamot, clove, orange and clary sage essential oils can be used to treat and reduce depression.Your body can achieve positive outcomes by applying or taking showers with these essential oils mixed with doterra oils.
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