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Restoring the Original Colour of a Car

Car repainting implies the applying of a new paint that matches the original color of the car in order to maintain its original state. An individual deciding to recoat is determined by a number of factors. It could be due to an accident and the car gets some physical destructions. Secondly, the vehicle could be aged and thus the paint becomes dull.

A number of shops and mechanics are concerned with car repainting. This means that the owner doesn’t have to go through all the tiresome process that he doesn’t have an expertise in.

The original color and look of the car can be achieved through repainting. The paint used in restoration should perfectly unique, indifferent and be the same as the first color. The technique of paint restoration is not complicated. Below are procedures to follow when repainting a car.

Planning for the paint restoration process
This involves cleaning the working area. In this case it means cleaning the car surface that you want to paint well. Cleaning helps get rid of dirt, grease or road grime. The car owner gets to determine which parts of the car is painted, whether the outside alone or both the outside and inside surfaces. If one only seeks to repaint the outer look then, the areas that do not require paint are masked. At least three types of paints are needed, primer coat, finish coat and clear coat. A person doing the spraying has to put on a respirator as a protective clothing. This prevents paint fumes to getting into ones respiratory system.

Removing the old paint
This includes the procedure of scrapping the paint. One needs to clear the original paint of the car first. One has to sand the car by hand back to bare metal with a perfect smooth finish. The process is time consuming. When ones time is limited, sanding to bare metal surface is not required as long as a smooth surface is achieved. One wraps the whole process by wiping the rubbed surfaces with the desire to get rid of the dust.

preparing to repaint the surface
Areas not been worked one have to be well protected. This helps to avoid excessive spraying. One need to master the art of spraying paint so as to do an impressive job on their vehicles. Primming is the process of merging primers with thinners in the required ratio of the paints. The painting is done equally on the working area of the car. This mostly is done twice or thrice .

Evenly spreading the color
This include painting using the top coat one time then repeating the process using a clear coat. The paint is given some time to dry.

It is less expensive compared to buying a new car. It is a process that requires less effort and activities in order to be achieved.

The Best Advice on Services I’ve found

The Best Advice on Services I’ve found

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